32 Watts Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a great alternative to metal wires and brackets as they are made of transparent material and are practically invisible. They are used to straighten teeth the same way braces do but with good stability and low stiffness. Clear aligners are clear braces used for teeth alignment, thanks to the materials used for making them. The wide range of materials involved in making clear aligners consists of polymers, each with unique properties and suitability for the patient.

  • Glycol (Pet-G)
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU)
  • Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)

How are Clear Aligners beneficial for your teeth?

Since they are made of commonly available materials, clear aligners cost in Delhi is comparatively less than other types of braces such as the lingual braces and offers the following advantages:

  • They are the best invisible braces and avoid the inconvenience of smiling as with the metal braces.
  • Easy to remove and very comfortable.
  • They use gentle and consistent force to move the teeth into the desired position without the use of metal wires or brackets. 
  • Clear braces are made specifically for each patient using a digital scan offering personalized braces for individuals.
  • Improver the overall health of your teeth.

Since the requirement for the type of clear aligners for individual patients varies greatly, expert guidance is critical for the expected outcome. Aligner and Braces, located in the capital city of India, have been a pioneer in dentistry with a proven record of patient satisfaction and in providing custom-made best invisible braces.

Clear Aligners cost in Delhi

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on individual perception; since each part differs in its biological make, so are the blueprints of your teeth. When looking for invisible braces cost in India, it is important to understand that there is no one cost for all. There are determining factors that influence the aligners cost in India, such as:

  • Type and brand of chosen dental braces 
  • City where the patient is performing the treatment.
  • Location of the clinic in a city
  • Extensiveness of teeth alignment

Specifically, clear aligners cost in Delhi can also vary with the type of clear aligners and the expertise of the dental specialist. On average, the clear braces cost may start at Rs. 40,000 and go upto Rs. 3,00,000. Even then, you can see a slight variation from clinic to clinic in Delhi. The specific and high-end type of clear aligners, invisalign cost in India starts from Rs.1,50,000 and ends at Rs. 3,50,000. Your initial assessment with your doctor will help determine the type of clear aligners you need and the related cost. 

At Aligners and Braces, the team of expert orthodontics assures a promising outcome for their patients synchronizing with years of experience and skills. Located in the capital city of India and with more than 30 clinics, Aligners and Braces has served more than 5000 patients and continues to bring an exuberant smile to each of its patients. 

How do they work?

32 Watts Clear Aligners work by steadily applying targeted pressure on the teeth, slowly moving them so that they can be perfectly aligned.
Your treatment will usually extend from 6 to 24 months. The duration varies as per your unique orthodontic needs.
Treatment steps include:

  • Visiting an orthodontist
  • Assessment of your teeth
  • Impression of your teeth
  • Digital CAD Image
  • Personalized treatment plan
  • Starter Kit offering Zero Aligners with a custom fit


  • The Aligner Box comes with various aligners, tailored to the specific treatment plans. They are to be changed after every 2 weeks.
  • Every aligner is designed to enable a targeted movement.
  • You will have 12-48 sets of aligners in a series.



  • As the name says, these are “clear” or transparent aligners. So, they are literally invisible to others!
  • The aligners mimic natural teeth as they seamlessly merge with them. So, you can wear them and then forget about them!
  • Gone are the days of embarrassment when you had to think twice before smiling wide.


  • 32 Watts Clear Aligners, unlike braces, are independent of any metal brackets or wires.
  • No chances of food particles getting stuck. So, no more fusses about cleaning the orthodontic device every time after your meals.
  • Remember the aligners are made of plastic. So, they are hassle-free and highly smooth to wear and feel in the mouth.


  • The problem of cleaning your aligners never comes as you can readily remove them any time before you eat or brush your teeth.
  • You will have no dietary restrictions with these aligners. So, you can eat whatever you crave! Braces can’t offer you this benefit.
  • Aligners, being removable, are also open to better dental hygiene and easier maintenance.


  • 32 Watts Aligners are supported by highly effective treatment plans that ensure to provide you with accurate orthodontic results!


  • Again, since the aligners are made of plastic, they are thin and light to carry. You won’t even feel that you have put anything on your teeth!
  • The aligners are, therefore, also highly gentle on your soft tissue and gums.

Very convenient

    • The dentist will make sure to customize your aligners to precisely fit your teeth shape and structure.
    • Unlike braces, you need not fear any slips or displacements of the aligners due to their perfect fit!

Additional Benefits

  • 32 Watts Clear Aligners can effectively treat malocclusions.
  • You won’t have any cuts, lesions or side effects! This is not the case with braces on your teeth.
  • Again unlike dental braces, the aligners never face any risks of breakage, cracks or stains.
  • They are made of plastic and hence, more flexible to softly cover the curve of your set of teeth fully.
  • You can face every day with confidence and also be able to leave a nice impression with your open beautiful smile!


By the time you have used the 5th or 6th aligner, you are generally expected to see a prominent difference in your teeth!

Dr Varun Grover, with his passion for invisible orthodontics, has collaborated in 2017 with Render Wise Solutions, which design 32 Watt Aligners in Delhi. In June 2018, when this aligner system launched at Indian Habitat Centre, he was the esteemed speaker. Currently, at Render Wise Solutions, he is the leading head of the orthodontic planning team and one of the promoters of 32 watts clear aligner system. His team presently plans nearly 80 cases monthly and commits to bringing about newer innovations soon in future.

Sharad Chauhan

Dr. Varun Grover is very senior orthodontist hence I chose him for my Invisalign treatment. He guided me really well throughout the treatment. I love my new smile. Thank you sir I am really grateful to you.

Priyanshi Purwar

I got my invisalign treatment done from Dr. Varun Grover. His way of treatment is very honest and transparent. His skills are excellent. I am very happy with the results. Thank you Dr.

Ashish Shukla

I feel that Dr. Varun Grover is one of the best dentist I ever heard and met in my life. He has done braces treatment for my family members as well with excellent outcomes & now I am getting the treatment with metal automatic braces.

Harshita Singh

My experience with Dr. Varun Grover has been great. He's very informative and nice during the treatment. The clinic is clean and staff is professional as well as helpful. I've had my braces treatment done with his suggestion and I'm absolutely satisfied with the results as it proceeds, also with the service provided. Would highly recommend!

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