Clear Aligners VS Braces: Which Is Right For You?

Clear Aligners VS Braces: Which Is Right For You?

Choosing either clear aligners or braces is the most common query among patients willing to have orthodontic treatment. Such individuals or their parents often ask for the best option. However, it is a subjective decision.

It is significant to think that aligners can only treat most cases, but not all orthodontic problems. Hence, an individual must discuss with their orthodontist at their initial appointment, about choices that might assist them in getting the best outcome.

Many cases enable both clear aligners and braces treatment; in such cases, patients choose the line of treatment according to their lifestyle and comfort.

What is the contrast between Braces and Clear Aligners? 

The major disparity between the metal braces and aligners is extremely pronounced and significant.

Metal Braces are made of metal or porcelain and bonded with a bonding agent to the teeth. Metal wires and rubber bands are utilized to deliver pressure to enable the teeth to move into the correct and desired position.

Whereas, Aligners are formed of plastic and are customized to fit an individual’s teeth. Each set of aligners shifts the teeth step by step into the definitive position.



  • Aesthetics:

Aligners are comparatively less evident than met braces as they are clear and customized according to the fit of the teeth.

  • Diet:

The diet remains unaffected when patients opt for clear aligners. As aligners are removable and can be removed while eating. It doesn’t restrict your diet.

  • Hygiene:

The hygiene maintenance in aligners is quite good as compared to braces, as a patient can remove aligners while brushing and is entirely uncomplex.

  • Appointments

As the tooth movement is

pre-planned by an Orthodontist, this declines the visits of an individual living distantly as well as living busy lives.

  • Comfort:

Commonly, aligners are reported to be more comfortable than metal braces. However, the teeth are moderately tender as they initiate to shift; moreover, the lips and cheeks of an individual are less uncomfortable as the clear aligner is smoother than that of metal or porcelain braces.


  • Subordination:

The clear aligners are worn for 22 hours a day to attain an effective outcome. This means that they are only taken out to eat and clean. Clear aligners must be removed while eating, brushing, or cleaning. Some individuals might find it complicated to do this publicly because of shyness or embarrassment.

  • Effectiveness:

Clear Aligners can treat almost every case, but not all of them. In complex misalignment of teeth, the orthodontist may suggest braces rather than aligners. If the patient still demands clear aligners, the outcomes may not be as desired.

  • Expenditure:

In some cases, aligners can cost more than braces. However, in numerous cases, they are identical. The orthodontist can talk with you about the cost of the opted option of your treatment.



  • Useful to all types of cases:

While aligners can treat most cases, braces can be used in all cases. That means braces are constantly an alternative.

  • The diversity of braces:

Metal braces can be of distinct types, with or without colors. There are also porcelain braces that are much more subtle than regular metal braces.

  • Subordination:

Since braces are attached to your teeth, there is no risk of forgetting to wear them or losing them. This can be helpful for some patients if they are not intrinsically motivated to stick to the correct use of the aligners.


  • Hygiene:

It’s much more difficult to clean your teeth with braces than with aligners. If cleaning is not done properly, it can cause real damage to the teeth. This can result in the braces being removed before achieving an optimal result.

  • Diet:

With braces, the diet needs to be modified. Hard foods can cause breakage, which can slow or stop your treatment progress. Also, since you are more prone to tooth decay with braces, you should avoid sugary and sticky foods. A poor diet and compromised oral hygiene are a formula for disaster!

  • Comfort:

Braces generally tend to cause discomfort as they can rub against cheeks and lips. Some patients suffer from it more than others, and it is often a consideration for people involved in some sports and other activities.

  • Aesthetics:

Braces are metal or porcelain and are more visible than clear aligners. This is important for some patients depending on their occupation, hobbies, and personality.

  • Appointments:

Appointments required for braces tend to be longer and more complicated, and active chair adjustments are required. More frequent visits may also be required.


It is a completely personal decision of an individual and their family to opt for any of the ones. The decision is subjective and depends on the lifestyle, comfort, and type of misalignment cases.


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