Clear Aligners vs Braces- How are they Different

Clear Aligners vs Braces

Clear Aligners vs Braces- How are they Different

"Both clear aligners and braces are effective ways of orthodontic treatment. The right option depends on the type and severity of your dental condition."
When it comes to clear aligners vs braces, there are several factors to be considered. These include the advantages and disadvantages of using them, the time to align your teeth effectively, and the cost of treatment associated with them. You can compare the pros and cons in aspects like appearance and visibility, wearability and removability, and maintenance and hygiene. However, the common aspect shared by clear aligners and braces is that both work to align your teeth with the help of advanced orthodontic treatment.

You must visit a highly skilled, qualified, and experienced dental expert to receive the best quality orthodontic treatment. Check the testimonials of the chosen dental clinic to get an idea about the friendliness of the doctors, comfort, and safety of the treatment, and its success rate. After you choose the best dental clinic, visit it right away to treat your oral condition.

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  1. Look and Visibility
  2. Wearability and Removability
  3. How much time does it take to align teeth?
  4. Maintenance and Hygiene
  5. Is it painful?
  6. Cost

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1. Clear Aligners vs Braces: Look and Visibility

Clear aligners, as the name suggests, are made of clear material (thin transparent plastic trays). So they are invisible. With these, you can inconspicuously have an aligned smile. Aligners are designed in a way to minimize the look of their presence on the teeth. This can easily fit any lifestyle and prevent you from feeling embarrassed while smiling openly and publicly.

On the other hand, the look and visibility of dental braces depend on the chosen type of braces. Traditional braces use metal brackets attached to the teeth by metal wires. Hence, they are highly prominent on the teeth. Ceramic braces use clear, transparent material, and therefore, blend with the natural teeth. So no one can see them or guess that you are wearing any dental braces. Clear braces are not as visible as conventional braces. But they have a metal wire that the onlookers can notice. Lingual braces are fixed behind the teeth, and so, are barely noticeable.

2. Clear Aligners vs Braces: Wearability and Removability

Clear aligners for teeth are custom-made according to the exact shape and structure of your teeth. Hence, the aligners fit perfectly on the teeth. This gives a sense of comfort as long as you wear them. This is because when the aligners are on, they do not irritate the cheeks and feel hard by the tongue. You need to wear the set of aligners for ideally 22 hours daily for 14 days. You must remove them only when you floss or brush your teeth or have your meal. When you do, clear aligners are easy to remove without the need to rely on a dental expert for the same. You only need to take care that you do not lose the aligners when you remove them. But you do not have to make a list of food restrictions including sticky foods. Since you can remove your aligners while eating any kind of food, this means you can have all types of food. You should only clean your teeth well before wearing your aligners again. That’s it.

If you want to achieve functional, stable, and successful results of your orthodontic treatment with teeth braces, you must have them attached to your teeth throughout the treatment course. This has both good and bad sides. If the braces remain affixed to your teeth until they are perfectly aligned and you do not need them, you will not have to remove your braces every time you eat food or brush and floss your teeth. The bright side of this is that there will never be the question of losing your teeth braces. The disadvantage is that having a permanently fixed set of braces may cause trouble while brushing or flossing the teeth or taking food. Certain kinds of food may often get stuck to the braces and be difficult to be cleaned. This may, sometimes, lead to other dental or oral problems due to the accumulation of food particles between the braces and the persistence of this uncomfortable situation. You must remember that only after the course of your orthodontic treatment gets over, you have to visit the dental specialist so that he can remove your braces. So, never try to remove them on your own to avoid risks. Unlike the orthodontist, you lack the special tools or professional expertise to remove the braces.

Clear Aligners vs Braces


3. Clear Aligners vs Braces: How much time does it take to Align Teeth?

Secondly, the time to get the results depends on the severity of the dental misalignment first and the chosen treatment option. If your teeth are highly misaligned, dental braces can push them into the right position faster than aligners. That is because aligners are meant to treat slightly misaligned teeth.

Braces need two extensive appointments to put on and remove the brackets. These are called the bond and debond sessions. You may need an appointment every few weeks to see any orthodontic improvements and adjust the braces as required. If you break the wires and/or brackets, more visits are required. Damon braces can give very fast results since the teeth can move by themselves without the need for adjustments. Clear aligners for teeth require fewer visits (separated by 10-14 days). As per your orthodontic improvement, treatment duration will vary.

4. Clear Aligners vs Braces: Maintenance and Hygiene

Remove your clear aligners from the teeth before eating any food or specifically drinking sports drinks, flavoured water, or soft drinks. Liquid can seep into them and on containing sugar, acid, or both, can quickly cause dental staining and decay. Your teeth must be spotless when you wear the aligners. Rinse the aligners using cold water whenever you remove them. Avoid using toothpaste for cleaning as the glue can be harsh enough to scratch the aligners.

If you wear braces, you have to brush and floss your teeth more frequently although this is more difficult with the braces on. These practices can remove any plaque or food debris in the mouth and keep the braces clean. These must not be present long in the teeth else bacteria can invade tooth enamel or cause gum inflammation.

5. Clear Aligners vs Braces: Is it painful?

If you use clear aligners on your teeth, you will feel less pain or discomfort than by using teeth braces. The aligners are made of plastic and hence feels soft if your tongue touches them. Your gums also do not feel any kind of unease. There are no pointed or sharp parts in the aligners that can hurt your cheeks while making movements of the mouth. Besides, when you replace one set of aligners with another, it does not pain or might cause only minor discomfort.

Traditional braces can feel uncomfortable in the mouth. When you make mouth movements, your cheeks may feel a bit of unease on touching the braces at any point. Moreover, as your tongue makes contact with the braces, it can be slightly uncomfortable again. The dentist will try his best to minimize pain when the metal wires are changed in traditional braces

6. Clear Aligners vs Braces: Cost

The estimated cost of clear aligners for teeth ranges roughly from 1,50,000 INR to 3,50,000 INR in Delhi.

Conventional metal braces cost roughly 20,000 INR to 25,000 INR in Delhi. The cost of ceramic braces roughly ranges from 35,000 INR to 40,000 INR in Delhi. The cost of lingual braces in Delhi is around 100,000 INR on an approximate basis.

The cost of any orthodontic treatment in Delhi mainly varies with the specific type of treatment chosen, and the severity and type of oral condition. The cost of orthodontic treatment also depends on the reputation of the dental expert and his clinic, and also the success rate of treatment maintained in the particular clinic.

Take Away

Dr. Varun Grover will provide the best suggestion regarding the advantages and disadvantages of clear aligners vs braces. The highly qualified, skilled, and experienced professionals working as a part of his team will take your oral health seriously. The reputed dental clinic always aims to offer the best oral care and houses highly advanced state-of-the-art equipment to provide the most efficient and safe dental treatments of any kind. The experts prioritize your safety, comfort, and success of dental treatment.

The clinic provides clear aligners and dental braces of the best quality to ensure the effectiveness of your orthodontic treatment.



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