All About the Cost of Aligners for Teeth

Cost of Aligners for teeth

All About the Cost of Aligners for Teeth

The process of improving and rearranging teeth to a position such that it functions smoothly and evenly across the mouth is known as teeth alignment. In India, tooth aligner treatment is giving tough competition to the traditional braces method.  In India, one can find different prices for the cost of aligners treatment. The cost of aligners for teeth varies from person to person. As clear aligner treatment is completely personalized, the cost varies depending on the treatment recommended by the treating doctor/clinic and other considerations.

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Teeth Alignment

Crooked teeth, underbites, overbites, crossbites, and teeth gaps are some tooth-related issues which cause either cavities or tooth decay. These types of tooth decay can be easily solved with the help of teeth alignment Orthodontic treatment. Some commonly used tooth alignment treatment includes:

Types of the Teeth Alignment Treatment

  • Traditional Metal Braces: It consists of a metal bracket that surrounds the teeth and a bendable metal wire that runs through them to apply the correct pressure on the tooth.
  • Ceramic Braces: They are composed of a ceramic substance that matches the tooth’s colour.
  • Lingual Braces: Lingual braces are another type of braces placed in the inside portion of teeth. Thus, it ensures that no one can see your braces from the outside. However, they are the most unpleasant of all as they are likely to irritate and hurt your tongue, and can normally take a long time to adjust. 

To know more about the teeth straightening cost

Cost for Different Teeth Alignment Treatment

Comparative chart for different treatments of Teeth aligners:

S.No Type of Brace Cost Prices
1 Traditional Metal Braces INR 25,000 – INR 45,000
2 Ceramic Braces INR 30,000 – INR 55,000
3 Lingual Braces INR 72,000 – INR 190,000
4 Teeth Aligners INR 100000 – INR 280000

Aligner Treatment Benefit

Clear aligners are invisible dental appliances that address jaw and tooth misalignments. Teeth aligners are cups composed of a specific material that is clear or nearly transparent. These are braces that look like mouthguards and easily slip over your teeth. These aligners are produced with a digital 3D scanner that maps your smile and creates custom-made aligners that suit best for you.

Dental aligners use moderate, consistent force to move crooked teeth into proper alignment without the discomfort and pain of traditional braces. They vary from traditional braces as they are flexible, and can be removed at any moment by the user.

The aligners treatment consists of a series of clear aligner trays, each of which moves the teeth closer to the optimal position. An orthodontist will create a set of trays based on 3D modeling of a patient’s dental misalignment. The trays are made to apply gentle pressure to the teeth, causing them to shift into their right place. 

Using simply clear plastic aligners has become an effective and customized option for discreetly moving teeth. A patient is recommended to wear each set of aligners for around 2 weeks, 23 hours per day. Aligners-based treatment lasts around a year, making it significantly more effective than other teeth straightening options.

Aligner’s treatments are very commonly used in western countries. But in India, people are a bit reluctant to use it because of its slightly higher cost as compared to other traditional treatments. The several advantages and benefits to having an aligner therapy that justifies the cost is:

  • Treatment time is reduced as compared to traditional braces.
  • It has no metal brackets or wires, so it is almost unnoticeable and more attractive than other dental appliances.
  • There are no adjustments in your lifestyle.
  • Eliminates most of biting and alignment issues
  • Increases one’s personality
  • Promotes good dental hygiene
  • Removable, convenient, and easy to clean
  • At-home aligners do not necessitate visits to the dentist.
  • There are no dietary restrictions required. 

The cost for tooth aligners treatment is more expensive than other orthodontic procedures due to the quality of materials used, lab expenditures involved and the technology used. With a nearly undetectable appearance, Invisalign or invisible teeth aligners are an excellent choice for people seeking orthodontic treatment. The actual cost is determined by several factors, which includes:

  1. Expertise of the doctor and consultation fee
  2. The degree to which your case is complicated
  3. Treatment duration
  4. Any further services that may be required

Factors for Teeth aligner treatment

Though all of these factors are interconnected, the number of aligners needed for treatment is one of the primary factors. The cost of aligners treatment varies from patient to patient and can range from Rs. 29,999 to Rs. 60,000.


Your smile is priceless, and it deserves the best treatment possible. Aligners are an excellent choice for people seeking orthodontic treatment. Invisible braces or transparent aligners are virtually transparent, and highly evolved modern technology. The cost of teeth aligner treatment varies on the technologically advanced method used for teeth straightening. Unlike metal braces, it eliminates the agony of chewing food since the technology eliminates discomfort. It can also help with orthodontic issues like biting, widely spaced teeth, and misaligned teeth. 

It is considered as one of the safest reliable options for teeth misalignment as they are easily removable as and when required, easier to keep, and maintain excellent retention and longevity. They are a lot more comfortable than braces, and the easiest to adjust to. Though they were most widely used in other countries, people were hesitant to use them here due to their high cost. But now, you can get a completely worthy smile with an increased face value in Delhi, NCR at the most affordable, cost-effective prices. Evolved with upgraded technology, customized and easy-to-use invisible clear teeth aligners treatment is now available at a reduced cost.


You should consider invisible braces for following reasons:

  • Comfort - more comfortable because they don't have wires or brackets.
  • More Attractive - Since they are transparent, they don't leave your mouth full of metals. 
  • Removable - While eating, drinking or brushing, or flossing your teeth, you can remove them easily.
  • Minimal Maintenance - You only need to wash them for a minute every other day, which will erase any stains. 
  • Eat Whatever You Want - After removing the tray you can eat whatever you want.
  • Better Dental Health
  • Excellent facial profile with perfectly aligned teeth

The cost of Invisalign braces is usually higher than other braces.The average cost ranges between Rs.1,50,000 - Rs.3,50,000. 

Apart from the expertise of the orthodontist other factors that affect the price of aligners are:

  • the number of aligners needed throughout the procedure 
  • and the extent of the teeth alignment required. 
  • The cost also depends on individual needs and varies on a case-to-case basis.
  • Don’t eat with Aligners –Every time you need to remove the aligners before eating or drinking something, except plain water. 
  • Don’t Damage Your Aligners – Damaged aligners will cause incorrect placement of teeth position.
  • Don’t Use Toothpaste – Using toothpaste will cause irreversible visible damage to aligners.
  • Don’t Smoke – Smoking is not advisable because nicotine causes discoloration of the aligners quickly.

If you choose clear aligners for the orthodontic treatment, you’ll be able to see quick results. Most patients will notice improvements in smiles within the first six weeks of the treatment. But in complex cases, it will take longer.

No, they cannot damage the teeth. They are least invasive and 100% safe to go for. Damage mostly occurs when instructions are not followed diligently. You might cause damage to the aligners by consuming beverages (except water) or eating without removing aligners. This leads to entrapment of food debris beneath the aligners causing poor oral hygiene and damage to teeth in the long run.

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