Dental Braces: Types, Procedure, Cost, and More

Dental Braces

Dental Braces: Types, Procedure, Cost, and More

Dental braces are being used for a long time to achieve an aesthetic look for teeth. Issues like crooked teeth, malalignment of teeth and overbite can be treated with the help of braces. Latest technologies and availability of standardised dental treatment has further aided the trend to undergo such aesthetic treatments. The relatively affordable dental braces cost in Delhi makes them an appealing option for youngsters today. 


Table of Contents

  1. What are Dental Braces?
  2. Types of Dental Braces
  3. Signs indicating that you need dental braces
  4. What to expect during dental braces treatment?
  5. How effective are braces in adults as compared to children?
  6. Associated risks
  7. Cost of Dental Braces


1. What are Dental Braces?

Dental Braces are wire-based appliances that doctors use to align or straighten your crowded or misaligned teeth into the correct position. These braces consist of wires, bands, and brackets to hold your teeth tightly from both sides. Though people often prefer to get dental braces in the early teen years, it is a good remedy for adults as well. 

There are many different dental braces types for varying alignment issues in the jaw but the result is the same for all. These braces result in the most functional positioning of the teeth, correcting the bite, and providing a pleasing smile. Let us look at some of the dental braces types that you can choose from.



2. Dental Braces Types

  1. Metal Braces
    1. Conventional
      Metal Braces are the traditional braces made from a simple metal band to solve the purpose of teeth alignment. Today, these metal braces have evolved into more comfortable and smaller sized versions with better metal braces cost.
    2. Self-Ligating
      These metal dental braces types are mostly metal brackets that lock onto teeth. It is better than traditional ones as it is more comfortable and much smaller in size.
  2. Ceramic Braces
    Ceramic conventional braces consist of clear brackets that blend in with the color of the teeth. They are less prominent, but more prone to damage and require extensive care.
  3. Lingual Braces
    Lingual braces are quite heavy metal/gold/silver-based brackets that are placed behind the teeth and utilize 3D designing technology to customize the brackets.
  4. Aligners
    Clear aligners are dental braces types in the form of plastic trays that cover the teeth completely keeping them safer and enabling zero food restrictions.



3. Signs indicating that you need Dental Braces

Signs that indicate it might be the right time to go for dental braces treatment are:

  1. Crooked or overcrowded teeth
  2. Extra space between individual teeth
  3. The case of underbite where upper teeth bite behind the lower teeth
  4. The case of overbite where upper teeth overlap lower teeth at the front
  5. Miscellaneous jaw alignment issues causing uneven bite

If you encounter any of the above cases, then you should opt for a consultation with an orthodontist and look for dental braces types for the treatment. There are many great options for dental braces costs that you can opt for.


Benefits of Dental Braces


4. What to expect during Dental Braces Treatment?

  1. Orthodontist Consultation

The first step is to consult a doctor and get relevant x-rays and oral evaluations done to help the doctor make a treatment plan. You can outline the basic dental braces price for your treatment as well. 

  1. Before Treatment

Your doctor may advise a prior treatment such as cleaning, root canal, cavity filling, and so on. You need to select components like brackets, spacers, bands, elastic, etc. as needed. 

  1. Placement of Braces

After you have chosen from the dental braces types, you can move to actual treatment. This requires a couple of hours of sitting where the doctor prepares your mouth for the fitting of braces. 

  1. Follow-up

Here your doctor assesses the status and does adjustments, changes, or removal (not for first follow-up). If it’s the time for removal, then the doctor places a retainer which is a necessary step. 



5. How effective braces are in adults as compared to children?

Initially, braces were only applied for children. However, with time and advancements, dental braces could also be used in adults. There are some points where we can see how the difference between the two when it comes to effectiveness of the treatment.

  1. Development Stage

Children are still in the developing stage and their teeth can be more easily aligned. By the age the children reach adulthood, their bones are hardened and fixed into a shape and position. This makes it difficult to alter the position and realign, takes a longer time.

  1. Overbite

If there is an issue of overbite and over the years no action has been taken, the situation only worsens with the wearing down of teeth. This will, therefore, make the process of bite correction more difficult in adults. 

  1. Past treatments

Children have not gone through many dental treatments at their age. Along with that, their teeth are still growing age. This makes it easier to align them and adjust the growth. In adults, there might be several treatments in the past that make it difficult to get the right braces treatment at later stages. 

The most important thing to consider after the treatment is the relevant dos and don’ts. 


  1. Avoid sticky food
  2. Use mouth guard during sports
  3. Consume low sugar and carbonated drinks
  4. Brush after every meal
  5. Visit the dentist regularly


  1. Do not chew hard food
  2. Do not bite fingernails
  3. Do not consume soda more than once a week
  4. Do not forget to floss regularly



6. Associated Risks

Though dental braces are considered safe, there might still be minor risks associated.

  1. Tooth decay

This is a common risk, as the areas between teeth are difficult to clean while the braces are applied. This causes food particles to accumulate and lead to tooth decay or gum disease.

  1. Allergy

Some people are allergic to the materials like elastic, wire, or brackets which may cause allergic reactions. Any prior allergies must be informed before the treatment.

  1. Tissue Injuries or sores

Braces might make your mouth, lips, tongue sore. This might also lead to canker sores caused due to rubbing of metal on skin. A great orthodontist will be able to help you remedy that.

If any of these issues arise, Dr. Varun Grover offering the best dental braces cost in Delhi can help take care of you.



7. Dental Braces Cost

If you have doubts about the dental braces price, then you need not worry. Best orthodontists offer the most affordable dental braces cost in Delhi with an average of Rs.60,000. This price is not fixed as the charges depend on the severity of the case, the orthodontist consulted, and the dental braces types considered. Ceramic braces cost and lingual braces cost might be slightly higher than the metal braces cost. 

At Dr. Varun Grover’s you will be assured to receive the best dental braces cost in Delhi with all the latest technological equipment to aid your dental braces treatment.


Take Away

Choosing the right orthodontist can help you along with the right treatment, minimum risk, and great prices when it comes to lingual braces cost, ceramic braces cost, and even metal braces cost. 



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