Clear Invisible Braces Treatment Guide

Invisible Braces Treatment

Clear Invisible Braces Treatment Guide

What makes a person look more beautiful is their smile. And if they aren’t confident about the way they look while they smile is a matter of concern.

  •  Unaligned teeth, crooked teeth, underbite, and overbite or tooth overcrowding are the major causes of it.
  • Not only aesthetics but such problems create pronunciation issues in patients.
  • The awareness among the generation has been on notice in the past two decades.

Earlier the dentists used appliances like metal wire braces to adjust the teeth in an aligned position.

  • But as time advances dentistry too has advanced its quality of work.
  • Some recent advances have come under orthodontic treatments also. One of them is invisible braces.
  • These braces got popular in less time, as they don’t hinder the aesthetics.
  • There are a variety of other braces such as lingual braces and some others.
  • Initially, when metal wire braces were used widely, people used to face physical as well as mental problems.
  • Apart from aesthetics patients with such metal braces do face difficulties in eating and drinking.

It is proven that braces treatment gives you relief from all kinds of orthodontic problems.

  • The main motive of orthodontic braces treatment is to align teeth and close the gaps between them. They correct the jawline and make an immense difference to your appearance.


Aligner and Braces is a common practice by experienced and devoted orthodontists with a vision of providing affordable invisible braces treatment in Delhi NCR.

Dr. Varun Grover and his team are leading orthodontic specialists in Delhi-NCR.

Clear aligners or invisible Braces are true to their name. They are transparent and resistant to clouding when used consistently.

The invisible aligner uses a cycle of clear, strong, and customized plastic aligners for the required time to reduce tooth spacing and improve the alignment.



Firstly the specialist will check for any orthodontic problems.

  • The use of Invisible braces is to treat open bites, overbites, crossbites, tooth gaps, and teeth overcrowding, crooked teeth, tooth decay.
  •  Cases suffering from these issues validate to be eligible for Invisible braces.

Orthodontists suggest conventional metal braces in some cases because of the below-given reasons:

  • Clear aligners don’t allow the closing of large gaps or they don’t correct oppressively angled teeth.
  •  On the other hand, the conventional technique is a slow process in which the position of affected teeth is pulled together.
  •  Hence, orthodontists use conventional braces in extreme cases.

Don’t be worried, your orthodontist will conduct a scan and the doctor will determine if Invisible braces can work in your favor.

  • You can discuss the treatment costs and finance alternatives during the discussion round.


Once you get approval from a doctor in favor of the invisible braces.

  • Treatment planning is scheduled and discussed further.
  • The orthodontist takes digital images or impressions of the mouth.
  • As we are using the latest technology and equipment, a digital impression of the mouth is taken.
  • The impression is taken to mold the invisible aligners to accommodate the patient’s mouth properly.
  •  The system is rapid and simple. Analyses help to create a detailed virtual model for the patient’s teeth.
  • This latest technique doesn’t consume much time.
  •  In the initial step, the orthodontist just ruffles a handheld wand-like a scanner in the mouth to generate a digital replica.
  • Afterward, experts record this replica along with instructions for the technician.
  • Dentists work and place orders for multiple invisible braces.
  •  The number of pairs needed by the patient differs from case to case.
  • Almost all the trays are designed to move teeth by 1/ 10 mm.
  • There is a drastic difference between conventional methods and digital analyses.
  •  The latest technology shows results of how the teeth will look in upcoming stages.
  • This boosts up confidence.


The dental clinic receives custom-made invisible braces for teeth within some days.

  • Also, the orthodontist records the appointment for placing the invisible braces accordingly.
  • The patient must feel comfortable after wearing the clear aligners as they are specifically designed for their teeth.
  •  These Invisible Braces are removable.
  • Patients should remove the braces during the duration of eating or drinking.
  • The patient must wear the braces for 22 hours a day strictly.

Not only this but the doctor has to assure the placement of braces remains in place.

  • For that dentist plots small pieces of a compound resin material on marked teeth.
  • These small pieces or chunks are also known as buttons.
  • They confirm that the asked pressure remains applied on the chosen teeth as a part of the treatment.
  • Your orthodontist may also make some minor variations to a few teeth while placing braces.

After the placement, now the doctor will train the patient about the techniques for the removal and placement of braces on teeth.

  • The cleaning techniques are illustrated, and all the pairs of braces are handed over.
  •  Training is key because the patient has to replace invisible braces every week.


The teeth shift their position considerably after a particular number of weeks.

  1. Thus, Invisible braces bear adaptations. However, it’s important to note that the procedure isn’t as complicated as tensing wires with braces.
  2. The orthodontist will give you the succeeding pairs of braces and will dispose of the earlier ones.
  3. Aligners might adapt buttons placed on teeth, to assure new aligners fit properly.


Invisible braces treatment ends once your teeth align correctly.

The doctor will now discard all the attached buttons that are on the teeth and consults the patient to stop wearing these braces.

  • But Some patients do need aftercare.
  • The reason behind it is that teeth may slowly relapse to the deranged position.
  • The relief is the patient has not had to be worried, doctors always have a strategy.-
  • After proper examination, the dental care specialist might advise wearing transparent retainers.
  •  Such retainers are identical to braces and facilitate keeping teeth arranged.

Following the strategy set by your orthodontist is vital to maintaining results.

In some conditions, doctors ask patients to carry retainers all the time for varied weeks after removing braces.


Patients avoid orthodontic procedures, as they are not at an affordable cost.

And the use of metal braces and wires develops other problems. However, the opinion is justified.

  • Now the question arises, why choose metallic braces when we can have comfortable invisible braces with a beautiful smile?
  •  If your teeth are in bad alignment, crooked, or have any other abnormalities, then feel free to reach out to DR. GROVER.

We’re one of the most admiringly-rated Orthodontists in Delhi NCR.

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