Common Misconceptions about Clear Aligners

Misconceptions about Clear Aligners

Common Misconceptions about Clear Aligners


Teeth straightening using clear aligners is becoming a popular treatment choice these days, as it provides an aesthetic, hassle-free, and comfortable option to give you a beautiful smile. This orthodontic treatment uses a series of clear, strong, and customized plastic aligners for a stipulated time to improve tooth spacing and alignment. Unfortunately, there is an information overload on clear aligners, especially on the internet resulting in a lot of confusion and misconceptions about Clear Aligners which is very important to be clarified. Here we are, to let you know about some of the myths about these clear aligners so that you can make an informed and confident decision for yourself.

What are the common facts and misconceptions about Clear Aligners?

Some of the most common myths about clear aligners include:

Misconception 1: Aligners are not as effective as conventional orthodontic braces:

The fact is that they are actually very effective even for complex tooth corrections. Moving your teeth to the desired position is a slow process, and the time required to achieve these results also depend on the extent of malalignment, age, and the extent of your efforts to follow your doctor’s instructions. Visit a trusted dentist, maintain good oral hygiene and religiously follow the dentist’s instructions to get the best results from clear aligners in minimum time and maximum comfort.

Misconception 2: Clear aligners are uncomfortable:

In fact, the clear aligners are designed to provide maximum comfort while treating your malalignment. Unlike metal braces which may cause irritation and sore your gums, the clear aligners are customized plastic appliances that seamlessly fit on your teeth like a glove, making them very comfortable. Although some initial discomfort may be present, you will get accustomed to it very soon with almost no uneasiness thereafter.

Misconception 3: Aligners result in slipping of the tongue:

The fact is that the aligners help to improve your speech by improving malaligned, crowded, or gapped teeth. Slight slipping may be present initially, but soon the tongue adjusts according to the aligners and this issue fades off in 3-4 days, while you will get your well-aligned teeth, improved speech, and beautiful smile in a few months.

Misconception 4: Aligners are for at-home use and no doctor is involved:

They are not for at -home use and an orthodontist is always involved in this treatment. Your dentist will assess and evaluate your condition, discuss it with you and then decide the best treatment for you. The clear aligners are always customized according to your mouth, therefore never try to use prefabricated snap-on trays if you want your teeth to have a perfect alignment in an effective way.

Misconception 5: There are food restrictions with the aligners:

Not at all, in fact, there are no food restrictions because the aligners are removable, and unlike braces, you can eat anything you like. Just that you must be careful to remove the aligners before eating or drinking anything other than water and brush and floss properly after eating/ drinking before putting your aligners back in.

Misconception 7: Only adults can wear clear aligners:

Although clear aligners are not advised for young children, who do not have their all teeth erupted, teenagers can be very well treated with it, if the dentist assesses them to be suitable and needed.

Misconception 8: They can only treat mildly crooked teeth:

A well-experienced orthodontist can treat a wide variety of problems using clear aligners like:

  • Crowded teeth.
  • Gapped teeth.
  • Overbite, underbite, cross, and open bites.

You need to follow their advice and wear the aligners for the maximum time possible for quick and best results.

Misconception 7: The results achieved are not as promised:

The results largely depend upon how well you follow your doctor’s instructions and care for your teeth. Many times people stop wearing the aligners on their own and do not realize the ill effects caused due to it i.e. whatever movement was attained while wearing them, can become nil while removing them for long and you may need to start all over again. Therefore, learning from your specialist, about how to wear them properly and care for them, will help to have a better treatment experience and desired results.


  1. Will anyone notice my aligners?

Clear aligners are designed to be invisible, to maintain the aesthetic look, unlike braces. Usually, no one will be able to notice your aligners provided they are kept clean and healthy.

  1. Will my clear aligner trays start looking old after a while?

If you care for your trays properly they will remain to look as before throughout the treatment. A few tips for taking care are:

  • Always brush and rinse them with lukewarm (not hot) water.
  • Avoid drinking colored liquids while wearing them.
  • Always remove them before having any hot or cold liquids or eating anything.
  1. Are Clear aligners cost in Delhi more than traditional braces?

Yes, they are a little costly compared to the braces, but if you weigh the benefits it provides, the clear aligners cost in Delhi is actually reasonable. It depends on various factors like:

Number of aligner sets needed for the treatment.

  • Severity of issues with the teeth.
  • Overall treatment time.
  • Credentials of the dentist.
  • General and oral health of the patient.

On average, the clear aligners cost in Delhi is around INR 1,50,000- INR 3,50,000.

  1. Does the treatment with clear aligners take a longer time as compared to braces?

The journey of moving your teeth takes its own time and cannot be an overnight procedure, be it braces or aligners. Pressure can be exerted within safe limits for your oral and other structures. With clear aligners, the tooth correction process starts immediately, and you will be able to make out when you need to change your set of aligners as your teeth gradually move.


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