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You can use the Invisalign brand to bring attention to your practice and build patient loyalty. Since you are an authorized provider of Invisalign treatment, we would like to guide you on ways in which you can rightfully leverage the power of the brand to grow your practice. Please read the details below.


How to use Invisalign® Provider Logo?

Use the Invisalign® Provider logo whenever you want to visually represent the Invisalign brand. The Invisalign Provider logo is approved for doctors’ use on websites, in signage and in other practice marketing materials.

Rules to follow –

Your practice branding must be clearly visible wherever the Invisalign Provider logo appears, and must be dominant. That is, it must be at least twice (2X) the size of the Invisalign Provider logo.

How to use Brand images and video?

Note: Using Invisalign brand images or videos from other, non-authorized sources (including and Invisalign social media sites) may result in copyright violation, as Align may not have secure the rights for you to use these materials. Using copyrighted images or videos without permission may result in the owners of those copyrights seeking compensation from you for their work.

Use Invisalign brand assets and marketing materials as they are, without alteration from resources tab in your IDS account.

How to leverage Invisalign® Social Media content?

Subject to local advertising regulations, you may share posts and videos from official Invisalign social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram on your practice’s social media site(s). This is a great way to leverage up-to-date promotional and educational content to highlight your Invisalign practice.

You may also embed the link to an Invisalign brand YouTube video on your practice website by using the “embed” options and link provided (visible when you click the “share” button).

Permitted – Using the share feature to leverage Invisalign content on your social media sites.

Don’t imitate the look and feel of the Invisalign® brand identity.

Align has designed all elements of the Invisalign brand to have a distinctive look and feel that contributes to making the brand recognisable. These elements are reserved for Align’s use as the maker of Invisalign clear aligners.

Avoid these mistakes

Rules regarding practice name & identity

  • Make sure your practice name and logo are dominant in signage, on your website, and in all your practice materials. If the Invisalign brand is dominant, it may appear that you are advertising your practice as if it is a division of, or sponsored by Align.
  • If promoting special offers, pricing, or giveaways related to Invisalign treatment, be sure to include a statement clarifying that your practice is the source of the offer, not Align

Avoid these mistakes:

  • Don’t use “Invisalign” in your domain name or email address.
  • Don’t use “Invisalign”, “invis”, or ‘align” in your practice name
  • Don’t use “Invisalign”, “invis”, or “align”, or use the prefix “I” or “i” in your product or treatment names.

Thank you for protecting the Invisalign® brand

The value and power of the Invisalign brand to drive patients into your practice depends on it being used properly. As an Invisalign provider, you have an important role in protecting the Invisalign brand, by following these brand guidelines.

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