Lingual Braces Cost in Delhi

Are you looking to have your teeth aligned but avoid brackets to be seen from outside? If yes, lingual braces would be a great choice for you. Unlike traditional braces, these braces are placed on the backside of the teeth. If you are looking forward to a confident new smile, it is just the right time to embrace Lingual braces for teeth at a budget-friendly cost.


What are Lingual Braces?

Lingual braces are used for correcting multiple dental issues like overbite, crossbite, overjet, open bite, crowding, and too much space between teeth. These braces are entirely customized for you and are hidden behind the teeth. This means they are practically invisible when you laugh, smile, and talk.

Lingual braces are just as efficient as other forms of braces, when it comes to closing gaps due to extractions, correcting rotations, etc. Moreover, any white spots or discoloration resulting from wearing braces will happen on the inner surface of the teeth instead. The fact that lingual braces are custom fit for you means there would always be a higher level of comfort when you choose lingual braces for teeth.

One of the biggest advantages of lingual braces for teeth is that they merge with the contours of your teeth creating minimal interference and maximum comfort. The robotically bent wires and customized brackets work in synchronization for effectively straightening your teeth with minimal discomfort. 

It is important for you to create and maintain the highest standards of oral hygiene by brushing after every meal. You should also ensure that you carefully and thoroughly brush each tooth at the gum line as well as below and above the brackets. Since lingual braces are on the backside of the teeth, you must pay special emphasis on brushing back there.

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How does it work?

The first step to place lingual braces, which involves the orthodontist to take impressions of the teeth. These impressions are then sent to a dental laboratory which then manufactures custom brackets. The patient returns for placement once the brackets are received from the laboratory. Lingual braces are then placed after cleaning and polishing. 

Lingual braces for teeth are then air-dried and a nourishing conditioner is applied to them. A strong dental cement is used by the orthodontist for affixing the brackets to the backside of the teeth. Thereafter, hooks, archwires, and other devices are placed on the lingual braces’ brackets to start with the smile correction process.

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Lingual braces are technologically driven

The public desire for a beautiful smile has evolved the development of lingual orthodontics among adult patients seeking a more cosmetic method to straighten their teeth. Lingual braces are the most advanced and technically driven orthodontist procedure.

The lingual braces procedure is totally customizable. It is powered by cutting-edge computer-aided design (CAD) technology, which allows every brace to be custom-fit to your teeth and every wire to be bent by a robot to achieve near-perfect results. Since this system is completely customised for individual needs, one can reach their treatment goal more quickly and efficiently than traditional lingual braces.

Lingual braces are completely hidden from view

Lingual braces are the most modest orthodontic equipment available today. These braces are completely hidden. They are placed on the back (tongue side) of the teeth, where they are absolutely impossible to detect and remain hidden from view. It is the easiest and most convenient choice for people concerned about the appearance of metal braces. The Lingual braces treatment helps people get their teeth aligned and straightened within a very short time period and without getting noticed.


Cost of Lingual Braces in Delhi

The estimated lingual braces cost in India is approximately INR 80,000-100,000. However, the final lingual braces cost in India may vary depending on factors, including but not limited to the type of lingual braces, the length of your treatment, etc.

The duration for which lingual braces need to be worn differs among people. The majority of people will wear them for 1-2 years before they experience the desired results. In rare cases, it may take longer. It is important that you pay regular visits to the orthodontist’s clinic every 6-10 weeks (or as advised) for adjustments.

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Our team of experienced orthodontists and medical care professionals would also guide you on how to keep your teeth clean and avoid the formation of plaque and tooth decay. 

We do understand that it may take a while for you to get used to lingual braces. Therefore, we help you know everything about lingual braces so that your experiences with them are more comfortable than you expect. We assure you that the lingual braces provided to you at the best lingual braces cost in Delhi fit perfectly on your teeth. All the wires and brackets provided to you by Dr. Varun Grover’s Clinic at budget-friendly lingual braces cost in India are custom-made using 3D printing technology, computer-aided design, and robotics to suit your specific treatment needs.

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