Tips For Using Braces

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Tips For Using Braces

1. Do not bite hard food and /or fruits like an apple, guava, dry fruits, nuts, popcorn and chips from your front teeth.
2. Do not bite on hard and raw vegetables such as carrot and radish.
3. If you wish to have fruits and/or vegetables such as an apple, carrots etc, have them in thin slices with your back teeth
4. Avoid having sticky food items such as caramel chocolates, éclairs, chewing gums, ice creams with nuts.
5. Avoid junk food such as pizza and burger as these food items require tearing with upper and lower front teeth. This might dislodge your braces.
6. If you wish to have junk food, tear it with your fingers and have it with your back teeth.
7. Avoid having non vegetarian food with bones. You can have small boneless chicken, mutton and fish pieces
8. The braces are going to hurt for few days (2-5 days) leading to some redness and/or ulcerations onto the inner aspect of the lips. Apply mucopain gel for relief.
9. Ask for orthodontic wax to cover sharp and/or pointed edges of the braces from your orthodontist.
10. Maintain good oral hygiene. Brush twice in a day. Brushing before going to bed is mandatory.
11. Use of special orthodontic or braces tooth brushes is highly recommended. Use stim’s orthodontic brush or Oral- B orthodontic brush
12. Additional use of interdental brushes or proxa brushes which cleans the food debris in between teeth and wires are recommended
13. Rinse after every major meal or mini meals to avoid food sticking onto the braces.
14. Warm saline rinses (luke warm water with a pinch of salt) or use of mouthwashes are recommended as additional hygiene maintenance measures
15. Contact your dentist if in case there are any breakages. Do not throw the broken brace.


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