What Are Clear Aligners?

what are clear aligners

What Are Clear Aligners?

what are clear aligners

Aligners are clear trays made of medical grade plastic built to fit around your teeth.  You’ll get a series of these aligners, each shifted to follow your teeth-straightening plan.  Very similar to metallic braces, aligners work to move the teeth by placing force that is controlled in the proper places. Aligners are apparent trays made of powerful, medical grade plastic built to fit on your teeth.

What Are Clear Aligners?

“Clear Aligners are invisible, smooth and comfortable, and the most importantly, it is removable. Clear aligners are also known as clear aligner treatment.”

You’ll get a string of these aligners, each altered slightly to trace your teeth-straightening plan.  Very similar to metallic braces, aligners work to move the teeth by putting force that is controlled in the right places. Unlike conventional braces, our patients love having the ability to remove their aligners that are clear when they eat and brush their teeth. This allows them to continue their care routine of brushing and flossing. Not only do transparent aligners make cleanup easy, but they provide patients the freedom and brush their teeth generally.  Patients no longer have to maintain a list of food items that might result in brackets that are traditional to come loose and need orthodontic visits.

Many individuals that have traditional braces find it difficult to properly take care of their teeth, since they either had bad oral hygiene to begin with and don’t make alterations to their cleaning patterns while wearing braces, or they fall into poor oral hygiene habits after their brackets are put. Patients may develop calcium deposits.  These deposits are visible when the braces are removed and require the individual to have work or reside with stains on their teeth. Inadequate hygiene habits with braces might lead to swollen gums that could become problematic if the individual neglects to perform great oral hygiene.  Swollen gums can lead to gingivitis, which if left untreated can lead to lifelong health issues.

Clear aligners were first used only on simple orthodontic situations, such as crowded teeth, but now they’re used for the most orthodontic cases.  Do we discover that clear aligners take away the stigma of orthodontics, but they have a tendency to be more effective when it comes to patients’ oral health. Among the ways it could be clinically efficient and reduce the discomfort my patients encounter is through the use of impressionless and clear aligners scanning.  Impressionless scanning is becoming more widely used in dentistry, and this is one reason many of our patients opt for aligners. We use 3D intra-oral scanning and impressions as per patient’s convenient. In 3D intraoral scanning it produces a 3-D digital scan of a patient’s teeth easily.

In order to get effective results, you only need to wear aligners for at least 20 hours a day. Although, the treatment of clear aligners can be differ from three weeks to six months depends over the severity of case.



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