Misconceptions about Clear Aligners

Common Misconceptions about Clear Aligners

Overview Teeth straightening using clear aligners is becoming a popular treatment choice these days, as it provides an aesthetic, hassle-free, and comfortable option to give you a beautiful smile. This orthodontic treatment uses a series of clear, strong, and customized plastic aligners for a stipulated time to improve tooth spacing and alignment. Unfortunately, there is

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benefits of clear aligners

10 Benefits of Clear Aligners for Straightening Teeth

The latest cutting-edge development in the dentistry world is the use of Invisalign Technology. Traditional metal wires and clear aligners play a significant role in helping to fix crooked teeth or straighten the teeth alignment. Clear aligners (or invisible aligners) treatment is an approach done to fix the structural deformity of teeth. Multifold benefits of

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Cost of Aligners for teeth

All About the Cost of Aligners for Teeth

The process of improving and rearranging teeth to a position such that it functions smoothly and evenly across the mouth is known as teeth alignment. In India, tooth aligner treatment is giving tough competition to the traditional braces method.  In India, one can find different prices for the cost of aligners treatment. The cost of

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Do's and Don'ts of Aligners


Our teeth are one of our best features and say a lot about our smiles. Crooked, disarrayed teeth can often affect someone’s self-confidence, thereby making them conscious about smiling. With more people embracing orthodontics, there is a growing need to move away from conventional braces and look for something that treats the different irregularities of

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